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Lee Riley Fitness is totally client-focused. You are our top priority. You might be de-motivated, bored of your current exercise regime, suffering from the plateau effect or just wanting a new challenge. Lee Riley Fitness represents far more than having somebody stand next to you while you exercise.

It's about motivating you, maintaining you and making you want to keep on going. Whatever your present age, weight or level of fitness, we'll show you how to exercise effectively and greatly improve your overall health.

With Lee Riley Fitness you can choose a range of training packages, each designed to keep you focused on achieving your targets.

The best training and advice. Anytime.

Combining your determination with the record-breaking expertise and Royal Marines-inspired fitness instruction from it's founder Lee Riley, you will get the results you want.

The key to success is to stop doing what you've always done. Use the great British outdoors to your advantage and literally experience a breath of fresh air. Different, interesting and versatile training, harnessing the most innovative and effective elements of a military fitness programme, achieves greater results and leaves you feeling that you've achieved something you didn't know you could.

Try a 'wow' session to really find out if Lee Riley Fitness is for you or click on the links above to find out more.

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